1. Installation

Blast CoreBundle can be installed at any moment during a project’s lifecycle, whether it’s a clean Symfony installation or an existing project.

1.1. Prerequisites

  • having a working Symfony2 environment
  • having created a working Symfony2 app (including your DB and your DB link)
  • having composer installed (here in /usr/local/bin/composer, with /usr/local/bin in the path)

1.2. Downloading

$ composer require blast-project/core-bundle dev-master

This will download and install :

  • knplabs/knp-menu
  • knplabs/knp-menu-bundle
  • cocur/slugify
  • sonata-project/core-bundle
  • sonata-project/cache
  • sonata-project/block-bundle
  • sonata-project/exporter
  • twig/extensions
  • sonata-project/admin-bundle
  • sonata-project/doctrine-orm-admin-bundle
  • blast-project/core-bundle
  • libre-informatique/base-entities-bundle
  • twig/twig ^1.22.1

1.3. Third party bundles, Sonata bundles

And follow the installation guides.

At the end, you should have a app/AppKernel.php that looks like that:

use Symfony\\Component\\HttpKernel\\Kernel;
use Symfony\\Component\\Config\\Loader\\LoaderInterface;